KOSCON 2019 Digital Planning Badge

The KOSCON 2019 Digital Planning Badge provides a mechanism to reflect on your impressions, perceptions, and takeaways from the Digital Legacy Planning session. 


Complete 50 points of the Evidence options below.

WRITTEN OPTION: In your mind, VISUALIZE yourself having a conversation with someone about what they share about you on the internet. TELL US about WHAT you SEE. (50 Points)

VIDEO OPTION: What do you want to LEAVE BEHIND online? TELL US what you think someone reading about you on the internet 100 years from now would learn about you and your life? (50 Points)

WRITTEN OPTION: In a few sentences, SHARE one IDEA or a CONNECTION you made to the PRESENTATION or a CONNECTION made to another person during the session (50) Points

VIDEO OPTION: DESCRIBE what you saw in your future during the VISUALIZATION activity. (50 Points)

PHOTO OPTION: UPLOAD your completed DIGITAL PLANNING GUIDE activity (50 Points)

WRITTEN OPTION: TALK ABOUT how this session has challenged you to think about the information you share online? (50 Points)

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