Parents and Guardians: It is important to view the Internet as its own society, and to understand that all it takes to become a member or citizen of this society is entering it's endless bounds. In our day to day lives there are people, laws, and rules in place and these hold us accountable for our actions everywhere we go. In our online society these people and expectations don't exist everywhere we go and parents play a crucial role in making sure that their child is safe. Often times the burden of teaching healthy digital citizenship falls onto the shoulders of educators, but our teachers already have so much to teach today's youth, as parent or guardian it is important for you to learn how to help your children navigate the internet in order to for them to become honorable digital citizens. Learning begins at home and you are their greatest roll model, it's time to shine!


Complete 10 points of the Evidence options below.

Parent's Guide to Cyber Security

Tips for Protecting Kids from Identity Theft

Parent's Guide to Cyber Bullying

Teach Your Child to Identify Reliable Websites and Sources

Be Internet Awesome: Explore Interland!

Good Digital Parenting

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