Have you heard of a Universe called Interland? Interland is where Internauts live and learn how to be internet smart, internet alert, internet strong, internet kind, and most importantly internet brave! Join the Internauts and learn these valuable lessons alongside them. Start your exploration now, you're going to have a blast!

It's time to Be Internet Awesome.


Complete 15 points of the Evidence options below.

KIND Lesson: It's Cool to be Kind

BRAVE Lesson: When in Doubt Talk it out

SMART GAME: Interland Mindful Mountain

KIND GAME: Interland Kind Kingdom

STRONG Lesson: Secure Your Secrets

ALERT GAME: Interland Reality River

Create Your Own Internaut Character

SMART Lesson: Share with Care

ALERT Lesson: Don't Fall for Fake

STRONG GAME: Interland Tower of Treasure

FINAL: Be Internet Awesome Pledge

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