Strengths Inventory - Gear Up Test Badge

What are your strengths? These are the skills and abilities that you possess. Strengths are developed and improved with practice and over time, though they can be influenced by a natural knack or unique talent. Communicating your skills in a way that builds confidence requires that you give evidence of your past exposure and success.

***Additional Resources***
Need some help discovering your strengths? Here are some resources to help you learn more about the strengths that you might have now, or might like to build:
What is “grit” ? (video)

Are you a critical thinker? Not sure what it means to think critically? This video can help you determine if you are a critical thinking, and if you think that is an important skill to develop:

Are you a leader? Did you know there are different kinds of leaders? Find out more here:


Complete 10 points of the Evidence options below.

Current Strengths

Future Strengths

Then & Now

Look at My Strength!

Then & Now

Then & Now

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